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Essay School Uniforms And Public Schools. number of public schools requiring uniforms. It is irresponsible to require a uniformed dress code in public schools because not only is it costly, with supposed benefits that are inaccurate, but it also destroys . Essay on The Debate Over School Uniforms Words | 3 Pages. The Debate Over School Uniforms Context In some countries, e.g. Britain and many Caribbean states, it is common for school pupils to have to wear distinctive uniforms identifying them with a particular institution, especially to the end of compulsory education at May 17,  · Writing sample of essay on a given topic "School Uniform" Uniforms Schools uniforms are becoming a common trend in the current school system. Students, teachers, and parents have varied feelings about the need for students to wear uniforms.

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By essaysmasters. The school uniform has long history. Many schools have constant disputes on the necessity of wearing the school uniform. Some schools affirm that it is not only a face of a pupil, but also a face of a school. However, others claim that it effects neither academic achievement nor discipline of students. There are both advantages and disadvantages of the school uniform.

The main advantages are a sign of belonging to a certain school and a kind of a synonym to the word discipline. It reduces competition and envy. It hides social differences. There are many disadvantages as well. The school uniform does not develop personality. It is an element of equation of all children. It may be essay for school uniforms expensive for poor families.

It can be very inconvenient and unfashionable. It can sometimes create complexes. Some schools do not have schools uniform, but a certain dress code, essay for school uniforms. For example, girls are not allowed wearing short skirts or high heels, essay for school uniforms, and boys — extremely wide pants and shirts, essay for school uniforms.

History of school uniforms has more than one decade. Debates about the positive and negative sides of the uniformity in clothes have been conducted for many years.

In many schools, there are disputes on the necessity of the school uniform. The school should not only teach, but also educate a sense of the style and extent in children. A school uniform is a casual form of clothes for students during their stay at school and on the official school activities outside of a school. It is not only a face of a pupil, but also a face of a school.

In the United States, a school uniform is common in private schools, essay for school uniforms. It usually contains the logo of the institution.

Public schools do not have this rule. However, most of schools have a clear dress code and are asked to wear removable shoes and pants for physical education. Different institutions have different rules.

For example, the length of mini-skirts must not be shorter than the tips of the fingers. Transparent clothes are prohibited. As a rule, students wear simple clothing: jeans, wide T-shirts and sneakers. Debates about school uniforms in the US are constant. Ardent supporters of democracy defend the rights of students in their style.

However, some believe that the school uniform forms discipline and improves performance, essay for school uniforms. Many students do not realize the beauty and practicality of the school essay for school uniforms. In addition, it is a part of traditions and history of the country and schools. Children must appreciate and respect them. The aim of the study is to determine the impact of the school uniform on academic achievements, safety, essay for school uniforms, financial implications, freedom of expression and dress code.

Psychologists have decided to learn if school uniforms depend on the mood and academic achievement of students. Findings were ambiguous. Many people believe that a school uniform helps children be more organized and not be distracted on the lessons thereby increasing their academic achievement. It helps maintain the spirit and traditions of the institution and instills a essay for school uniforms of belonging and unity of students and teachers.

The school uniform helps maintain discipline and improves academic achievement. Ina scientific research was conducted, which showed that students that wear the school uniform learnt better than those whose schools were allowed not to wear it.

Experts believe that in this case, children are not distracted by the discussion of clothing. The school uniform attunes them to behave more seriously within the walls of the institution. It reduces the time that children spend on the decision what to wear to school. However, other scientists believe that there is no direct link between school uniforms and academic achievements of students.

The school uniform really acts as a measure of control and discipline on some students. However, essay for school uniforms, it cannot be expected that the school uniform will improve academic achievements of all students. Introduction of school uniforms without efforts of both students and parents unlikely affects the progress in studies.

Hundreds of factors especially teacher training have an influence on academic achievements. Therefore, it is impossible to see how the school uniforms help students. A child will probably spend the time saved by the fact that it is not necessary to choose what to wear on computer games rather than lessons.

Not to mention the fact that the choice of clothes takes no more than minutes a day. Many defenders of the school uniform argue that its main advantage lies essay for school uniforms the fact that it reduces the risk of conflicts between peers and increases their safety outside the school.

It also increases the level of security inside the school. Among children, who wear the school uniform, the number of fights is reduced by half. Cases of vandalism are significantly reduced. It is harder to skip classes. Children in the school uniform walking around the city are immediately noticeable. Therefore, a student in the school uniform is hardly sold beer or cigarettes. Recently, in the United States, the school uniform is real life-saving, due to frequented shootings at schools.

In this case, the main advantage of the school uniform is that for a student, it is harder to hide a weapon under it rather than essay for school uniforms baggy or large clothes. A uniform policy can prevent it. However, the policy cannot solve all problems. The main argument, which defenders of school uniforms make, is that it is cheaper to buy a set of uniform than to collect for a child the whole essay for school uniforms for the entire school year.

It is a great help for poor parents. One of the tasks of school uniforms is to unite children of different social status. A school uniform helps students adapt to the school atmosphere.

Many experts believe that an obvious advantage of the school uniform is that it mitigates visible signs of the social stratification among children and adolescents. When some students are dressed in costumes from expensive boutiques or sewn in elite ateliers, and others wear clothes from cheap stores, the difference in family incomes is very noticeable. On the other hand, essay for school uniforms school uniform cannot hide this difference.

There are shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry and mobile phones. Thus, children can always find the way how to stand out from others and children from wealthier families will always find a way to emphasize their social status.

In addition, among child psychologists, there is an opinion that the hidden social inequality is not for the benefit of a child. It exists in society, and the school uniform makes an attempt to mask it artificially.

The task of parents and teachers is to teach children to take different essay for school uniforms adequately and give the top priority to human qualities and not to the cost of clothing. However, a set of uniforms does not cover all the needs of a child. Parents will still buy ordinary clothes for a child.

Therefore, the school uniform becomes a source of additional costs. That is, it does not reduce the problem of poor families, but rather increases it. In fact, a good school uniform is always expensive.

A child has time to stain the clothes a few times during a week. School uniforms have to be changed almost every year due to the physiological characteristics of children. Therefore, the school uniform is not cheaper than the usual clothes and can be very expensive for poor families.

Unified clothes as a form of a particular educational institution plays an important role in allocation of students of this community essay for school uniforms other individuals of the society, and can serve as a means of identification, rising of the corporate spirit and a sense of belonging to a certain idea and community.

However, frequently, the school essay for school uniforms plays a directly opposite role. Self-identification of students is impossible, essay for school uniforms. Initially, the task of the school uniform was to eliminate the differences between people of different faiths, religions, social and economic status within a specific space — school.

However, at the same time, any differences between students are eliminated. There is a major and very important reason for the rejection of an idea of introducing school uniforms. Many essay for school uniforms believe that the use of a single form in schools suppresses individuality of a child. This element equalizes all students in education and training. The school uniform inhibits the development of human creativity and prevents self-expression.

For each person, the ability to express individuality is very important, especially essay for school uniforms the younger generation. A strict requirement to wear a uniform is, to some extent, a form of violence against the person. The Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to freedom of essay for school uniforms. A school uniform is undoubtedly suppresses this freedom.


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May 17,  · Writing sample of essay on a given topic "School Uniform" Uniforms Schools uniforms are becoming a common trend in the current school system. Students, teachers, and parents have varied feelings about the need for students to wear uniforms. According to the school uniforms debate, comparisons and distractions among students are avoided since the school uniform ends with competitiveness when dressing, avoiding social differences in dress and favoring the union between students so that they can focus on learning. Read: How To Write a Synthesis Essay. In line with school uniforms. The school will look better presentation wise and academically. Overall, school uniforms are a great thing to have. Even though this argument whether or not school uniforms violates the students right to self- expression will be never ending. There seems to be more positive outlooks than negative on schools that require school uniforms.