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Science articles for students. К teaching resources for educators. Open access free peer-reviewed scientific journal. Science News for Students is an award-winning, online publication dedicated to providing age-appropriate, topical science news to learners, parents and educators. It's a program of Society for Science & the Public. Enrollment in online classes grew more than 5 percent between fall and , a new report found. Enrollment in online classes grew more than 5 percent between fall and , a new report Author: Jordan Friedman.

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A massive asteroid hit the Earth 66 million years ago. The explosive collision rattled the planet and changed its climate. The devastating changes it triggered abruptly wiped out the dinosaurs — and most other living species. Hurricane Dorian shown on September 3 as it was leaving the Bahamas as a category 2 storm.

It was a powerful category 5 when it first slammed into the island nation September 1. Vaping is the single apparent common denominator among cases of severe lung injury. It showed up mostly in teens and young adults across the United States. Chemicals inhaled while using e-cigarettes can damage the lungs, studies have found.

The devices may be why eight teens recently landed in a Wisconsin hospital with serious respiratory illnesses. Across 98 percent of the planet, the end of the 20th century saw the hottest temperatures in the last two millennia. Since then, average global temperatures are still increasing, causing record-breaking heat waves such as this one, which hit Europe in late July.

This is a colorized image of the galaxy Andromeda. He died inand the Pinta Island tortoise was declared extinct. This is a pH scale showing popular items that are acidic lemons and tomatoes or basic soap or bleach. This emerald is a form of a mineral called beryl, which is made of several different chemical elements.

Over a season of college football, head hits that were too small to cause concussions were still linked to adverse changes in the brain stems of players. The display case holds rocks collected by the Apollo 15 and 16 missions. The 1. It would require placing a detector out in space illustrated. This new map of the Milky Way reveals the warped shape of the galaxy. The map was made with stars called Cepheids.

In this image, the Cepheid stars green are overlaid on top of an image of another warped galaxy. That galaxy is NGC The star icon indicates the sun. Plants loaded up with metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, may be key to growing crops in the harshest environments, including space. To reshape living tissue, surgeons usually cut into cells and stitch the wound. This type of surgery creates scars. A new, painless approach would damage few cells and might take only a few minutes. Individually, each of these disks can only expand and contract in place.

But together, when loosely connected by magnets, they can complete a task like moving toward a light. Artificial intelligence systems that online articles for students video games can pick up all kinds of real-world skills. Climate change is underway, online articles for students, and affecting the entire planet. Chemists created a new form of carbon called cyclocarbon. The atom ring is illustrated here using data from an atomic force microscope. Bonds between the atoms are alternately longer and shorter, giving the ring nine sides.

Skip to main content. Lab Scientists Say Analyze This! Technically Online articles for students. Gravity Waves. Current Issue. AI can learn real-world skills by playing video games. StarCraft and Minecraft are good testing grounds for making artificial intelligence more humanlike, online articles for students. Collisions in practices and games may damage healthy brain online articles for students, even without concussions.

Catch up with Climate Change Chronicles. We spent a year documenting climate change around the globe. Wildfires are pumping vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, which could make the problem worse. Outbreak of lung disease, including 5 deaths, tied to e-cigarettes. Editor's Picks. Slow hurricanes, like Dorian, become dangerous online articles for students hard to predict. Chemists have created a ring-shaped form of carbon.

Called cyclocarbon, this molecule is the latest lab-made form of the universal element. Scientists Say: Galaxy. These stellar groups can contain millions to billions of stars. Previous cooldowns and warm-ups were regional and driven by natural forces. Welcome to moon rock central. These Apollo samples are more precious than gold. Monster storms that stall, as Dorian did, pose special threats.

Scientists Say. Chemicals found in BPA-free plastic water bottles may contribute to obesity in kids and teens. A fungus called Candida online articles for students illustrated can cause deadly infections in people. Climate change may be aiding a deadly fungus in infecting humans. Eight stories you missed while on summer vacation, online articles for students. Catch up on the science you may not have had a chance to read.

High-tech crops may survive harsh conditions, even space. These resilient plants can use nanoparticles to build their own defences against radiation and more. Scientists Say: Extinction. The number of cases of fungal infections has increased around the world. Felix Sanchez. James Tuttle Keane. This idea would turn the Earth into a giant space telescope. What do you call a moon that escapes its planet? Materials Science. A new electric surgery tool may someday fix nose, ear and eye problems, online articles for students.

Unlike this Styrofoam cup, made from plastic, a new kind of foam is biodegradable. Scientists Say: pH. This is a measurement of how acidic or basic a substance is. Americans consume some 70, microplastic particles a year. Estimating how much plastic we eat, drink and breathe will help determine health risks. Cool Jobs: Soaking in sweat. Some researchers collect human sweat to answer a host of science questions.

Explainer: The bacteria behind your B. The Milky Way is shaped like a curvy potato chip. Show more. Latest Headlines. Steenblik Hwang. IBM Research, online articles for students.

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